There was a variety of feed and grinder mixer manufacturers present at Farm Progress 2010. Manufacturers say tub grinders still fill a role on some farms, but trends are continuing to evolve toward vertical feed mixers that can mix a “Total Mix Ration (TMR)” of a variety of foodstuffs to provide a more nutritious ration for livestock.

ROTO-MIX displayed its Cyclone vertical mixer with double-flighted twin augers that “aggressively process and mix for a consistent TMR,” says Allin Butcher. The Cyclone has a patent-pending hydraulic drive system that automatically adjusts to a tractor’s PTO RPM for improved efficiency, and 3 models have mixing capacities of 1,100-1,500 cu. ft.

ART’S WAY MANUFACTURING unveiled its new 6520 Grinder Mixer that has the “largest tank in the industry” at 165 bu., the company says. The mixer also has all self-contained hydraulics and it operates off the tractor’s PTO. It has a 10-in. unload system vs. the previous 8-in., says Art’s Way’s Kevin Zahrt.

HaybusterHAYBUSTER/DURATECH INDUSTRIES showed its H-1130 “Big Bite” PTO-driven tub grinder that handles round or large square bales and loose hay and now includes a heavy-duty 50-in. hammermill that is standard. The H-1130 has 40% more discharge space under screen area than previous models, and new twin 12-in. x 4 ft., 6-in. dual belly augers.

The tub tilts 90 degrees for easy access to the hammermill for service and maintenance, and the grinder includes a 24-in.-wide, 26-ft. long hydraulic folding stacking conveyor.

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