FARISEN INDUSTRIES showed its Twinner 1600 towed mixer wagon, a twinvertical auger mixer designed to reduce both mixing time and power requirements so it can be used with a smaller tractor. It also features integrated knives, and the single-speed version can reach a rotating speed of 30 revolutions per minute. Farisen is still growing its business in Canada and has sold some telehandlers in Manitoba, and the company also picked up a dealer in California, says Alberto Zordan.

KEENAN MANUFACTURING displayed its Mech Fiber 300 feed mixer, which hasa reduced power requirement. The feeders have a specially developed mixing chamber profile, carbon steel knives and castellated paddles that condition and process feed and forage materials to provide the right fiber base for rations. Some of Keenan’s machines are being distributed in the U.S. and the North American market is becoming more important, says Michael Keogh.

TRIOLET displayed an enlarged discharge door for its Solomix P-Turbo feed mixer. The 7-in. increase in door size allows more space for feed to come out of themixer, says Jeroen Meijerink. The company also featured its new disc auger design for better distribution of material and lower power requirements. North America is still a crucial market for Triolet, Meijerink says, but the exchange rate between the euro and dollar is a major factor. “We do have a full team of sales managers and we have a very important Canadian market, so we’re still working on it.”