In a continued effort to invest in quality training for equipment dealers and their employees, the SouthWestern Association recently added 40,000 new online tutorials covering a range of 140 software programs to the SouthWestern Association Online Campus.

The training segments are short, user-friendly tutorials designed to educate employees on many of the tools, tips and functions of the Microsoft Office programs such as Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point and Word. Training on Adobe and Google applications is also available to dealers. Short (30-second to three-minute) “show-and-tell tutorials” answer specific application questions helping dealership staff become more effective in their roles within their departments.

“With more than 2,000 personnel on the campus from dealerships across the United States, dealers have been seeking user-friendly courses to help their people with the Windows operating system and various computer programs,” said Cory Hayes, Director of Education with the SouthWestern Association. “These additional course offerings will enhance new employee orientation, help current employees transition to updated software, and provide exposure to updated or unfamiliar programs. For many dealership employees and management, the course offerings will become a main source for ‘How To’ technical support,” according to Hayes.

For nearly three years, the Online Campus has offered hundreds of courses helping dealership personnel learn financial, operational, leadership and management excellence. This on-demand, web-based training tool enables dealerships to easily train employees from parts and service, sales, administrative, leadership and management, safety and compliance at their own computers within the dealership.

For more information about the Southwestern Association or how to enroll in the SWA Online Campus, visit the SouthWestern Association Web site, or contact the Association Offices at 800-762-5616.