In a continued effort to invest in quality training of dealer-sponsored students in the Oklahoma State University-IT (OSU) Technician Training and the Precision Ag Programs, SouthWestern Association has granted unlimited access to the SWA Online Campus

for faculty and students involved in these programs. Currently, the Online Campus has over 300 courses helping dealership personnel learn financial, operational, leadership and management excellence. This on-demand, web-based training tool allows dealership access to parts and service, sales, administrative, as well as leadership, management, safety and compliance micro-training sessions on their own computer at the dealership.

OSU faculty will utilize the Online Campus in two ways. They will personally utilize the campus courses to further their knowledge of our industry as continuing education, as well as integrate specific modules of the training into their classroom instruction to help future technicians and dealership personnel become even more effective in their roles upon graduation.

"Everyone involved wins," says Cory Hayes, Director of Education at SouthWestern Association. "Our long-standing relationship with OSU benefits with this investment. The students have access to real-world industry-specific training by specialists who understand equipment dealerships led by OSU faculty in the classroom and our dealer-members win because they're getting the best possible trained technician or precision ag graduate in the industry."