After 2 years of development, field and location testing, Equipment Technologies introduced its all-new Apache sprayers to its dealers.

Apache's new AS1220 self-propelled sprayer has been introduced for 2011 and sports 215 horsepower and has improved fuel efficiency and reduced power requirements.

The 2011 models boast an improved powertrain, including a new German-made ZF transmission, a larger cab and axles that adjust from 120-160 inches.

The new ZF transmission was tested for 2 years simultaneously in 5 different machines, and in different locations, before being released for production.

Powertrain & Chassis Upgrades. The improved powertrain not only delivers more power with less horsepower, its also far more fuel efficient than previous Apache sprayers.

Driving at an optimum 12-16 miles per hour, model AS1020 (173 HP), with a ZF WG191 transmission, delivers 9.33% higher fuel efficiency, while decreasing required power by 17.33%. Model AS1220 (215 HP), with the same transmission, improves fuel efficiency by 17.41% and reduces power required by 22.85%.

With 120-160-inch adjustable axles, the operator has the option to customize his machine for greater stability or for row spacing.

The new models also feature a new hydraulic system layout with a 40-gallon roto-molded tank to improve filtration, enhancing the life of all associated parts. They also feature TeeJet flow-back valves to shut off the product at the nozzles to relieve the remaining pressure in the booms — allowing the tips to shut off 80% faster. A larger grill surface area allows for more airflow to the Tier IV-compatible cooling package.

New Body & Cab Design. Operator comfort was also given major attention with the 2011 Apache sprayer models. The angled front entrance and rear-hinged door help the operator avoid the booms while entering and exiting the machine. The deepened ladder steps also make getting in and out of the cab more comfortable.

In addition, the cab in the AS1020 and AS1220 units is 12% larger, with brighter cab lights to improve interior visibility. A secondary seat with seatbelt has been added to allow for a passenger. The location of HVAC controls are more user friendly and has a separate compressor switch to allow for defrosting — even on cool, humid days.

The hood is also narrower at the cab, which improves the operator’s view of the crops and front axles so driving and adjusting axles can be done with a greater degree of precision. The rounded glass allows for a wider viewing angle.

The new cab design also reduces exterior noise by 9%, and all exterior lights are adjustable to allow the operator to provide light to where it’s needed.

Precision Systems. Precision application equipment is available factory installed on all new Apache sprayers. Partnering with Raven Industries, the new models are available with the SC5000 for application rate control; Envizio Pro or Viper Pro field computers; AutoBoom leveling; AccuBoom shutoff control; SmarTrax guidance and steering, and Slingshot for RTK correction.

Auto-steer is now plug-and-play and is no longer fed through a hole in the cab floor, giving the cab a better seal and allowing for easier installation.

Boom/speed and auto-steer nodes are mounted to the inner back wall of the cab as opposed to under the seat, moving them out of the way of the operator.

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