Krone North America and JCB have announced the new BiG Pack RoadShow. Starting in February and throughout October of 2010, Niklas Beindorf, Krone BiG Pack product specialist, and his BiG Pack Large Square Baler will travel 15,000 miles to bale hay and straw in eight Western U.S. states.

Beindorf will follow the wide-ranging season and leave a trail of high-density bales behind.

With the BiG Pack RoadShow, Krone North America introduces an extensive demonstration program to educate customers about the characteristics and value high-density baling of hay and straw.

In cooperation with JCB Fastrac, Krone will conduct these demonstrations in most of the Western States. The western part of the U.S. is known to be the largest 3 foot x 4 foot and 4 foot x 4 foot large square baler market worldwide. From the starting point in Arizona until the final hay is baled in Kansas, Beindor and his BiG Pack will have traveled 15,000 miles.

Krone developed a large square baler that is capable of increasing bale density by 25%. This baler is able to put the weight of a 4x4 size bale into a 3x4 package. This feature is being requested by farmers and contractors throughout the U.S. in an effort to reduce shipping and storage cost.

You can follow Beindorf and the KRONE BiG Pack 1290 High Density Large Square Baler as it travels from Arizona to Kansas on Facebook and Twitter or contact KRONE NA at to learn more about this project.