Some of Farm Equipment's subscribers and advertisers reached out offer their own congratulations on Farm Equipment SHOWCASE's 40th year...


"My congratulations on 40 years of excellent journalism. I have been in our dealership for over 35 years and have enjoyed the articles in Farm Equipment. What I really miss is the small-town, one-store dealership and at least that gives me the “good old days” to look back on. Thanks, and here’s to many more years."

— Dick Denney, corporate aftermarket manager for parts, Great Lakes Green Power/Fillmore Equipment

"We’ve been in the tractor market for 9 years and have learned a great deal over this time. We read Farm Equipment and Rural Lifestyle Dealer from cover to cover. It often gives us insight on other dealers and new products introduced to the market. We’d like to personally thank you for your continuous dedication to the farm machinery market."

— Rob McFarlen, general manager, Dave’s Tractor

"On behalf of the distributor and rep members of the Equipment Marketing & Distribution Assn. (EMDA), we offer our congratulations on the 40th anniversary of Farm Equipment SHOWCASE. Farm Equipment has helped increase profitability by highlighting successful strategies for our dealer partners and providing a venue for our manufacturer partners to promote their equipment solutions."

— Patricia A. Collins, EMDA executive vice president

"The magazine has helped every year with SHOWCASE and SOURCEBOOK, when it’s time to find who makes what and where they’re located. I find the articles in Farm Equipment very interesting and informative for my area of service."

Changes in the farm industry the last 40 years have been pretty drastic — from the equipment used back then to the new-age equipment that makes it possible for a farmer to work more land in less time, and do it in comfort. The magazine helps them learn about new and improved equipment to make this happen.

This is a great magazine and I hope to see it another 40 years. Keep up the good work."

—Kevin Brandics, service manager, Hi-Way Service Ltd., Taber, Alberta, Canada

"Farm Equipment’s SHOWCASE started about the same time I started in this industry. I sold my first tractor at retail in 1969 — a new John Deere 5020 with an 8-bottom, automatic reset moldboard plow. The total retail price for this package, delivered to the farmer was $17,000. The farmer thought he had just taken on the national debt — I thought there could never be a more powerful tractor/plow combination ever manufactured, and that farm equipment had reached its ultimate point. Obviously we were both wrong.

"I was unaware of SHOWCASE that year, but became more aware later. Always enjoyed seeing how things were progressing and wondering how machines and power units could get more advanced each year. Forty years later, having spent 4 years as an equipment retail salesman/accountant, 33 years with a major manufacturer and 4 years as a consultant to dealers, here is what I have to say: Congrats on 40, SHOWCASE! Has it been one crazy ride or what?"

— Stan Jackson, Jackson Consulting, Reno, Nev.

"As the sales and marketing manager of Schulte Industries, I know we’ve seen great results and feedback launching our fixed-knife mower technology through both Farm Equipment and No-Till Farmer and hope to see similar success marketing our smaller range of snow blowers through Rural Lifestyle Dealer. A special thanks to Mike Lessiter for pushing Schulte in the right direction."

— Hal Carnago, sales manager, Schulte Industries

"Congratulations to Farm Equipment for 40 years of service to the industry! Farm Equipment has remained true to its mission over the years and provides a timely source of information regarding new products, the latest innovations in farm equipment, and industry trends. My issue of Farm Equipment is a valuable resource to me and one that I use to keep others at Kioti Tractor informed about changes in our industry. Thanks for all the hard work and here is to another successful 40 years!"

— Ronald A. Parrish, market development manager, Kioti Tractor