AGCO announced today that they remain committed to the success of the Valtra brand in North America. The Georgia-based agriculture equipment manufacturer will continue to market various Valtra models, as well as providing parts and service to owners with Valtra tractors.

"AGCO remains committed to providing a diverse product line in the North American market," said Todd Stucke, VP, Professional Producers Marketing, AGCO. "In response to several erroneous reports on the future of the Valtra brand in this marketplace, Valtra remains important to AGCO. We will continue to stand behind Valtra dealers and customers in the U.S. and Canada. Our superior service and parts capabilities will remain a top priority."

While the tractor is a top seller in South America and the Nordic countries, it services a niche market in the U.S. and Canada. But the unique features of the Valtra brand inspire loyalty throughout its customer base. Valtra has been successful in meeting specific needs for producers around the world. Recognized for its quality and dependability, Valtra tractors are built in some of the world's most advanced factories in Brazil and Finland. ??"Although Valtra has an extensive product line worldwide, we will continue to make product by product decisions on which Valtra models to market in North America based on market potential and the needs of our customers." Stucke said.