Dusty Schulz

Dusty Schulz, Executive Director - Regional Operations, Butler Machinery

Butler Machinery’s dedication to staff development is evident in numerous programs focused on career advancement and personal and professional growth. During this can’t miss general session, Dusty Schulz, executive director – regional operations, walks attendees through the programs Butler has built to grow its employees and prepare them for future roles. Each of the internal programs focuses on a different layer of development for employees.

The Fundamentals of Butler Leadership was specifically designed and tailored to the 20-store AGCO and Cat dealership to develop strong and consistent leaders. Butler understands that leadership is much more than a position or job title — it’s about creating positive transformations throughout the organization. During this program, employees discover practical, engaging and relevant techniques that give leaders the tools needed to elevate their effectiveness and build relationships.

The Lead Yourself program is a carefully crafted initiative tailored to individuals seeking to make an investment in their personal growth and development. This program highlights that “leadership” is not the same as “management.”

Finally, Butler’s Mentorship Training program is designed specifically for employees who possess remarkable leadership potential and are nominated by management. The mentor's role at Butler is to train and acclimate new team members to the dealership’s operating culture.

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to get started developing an internal leadership training program. 
  2. Why it's important to identify high-potential employees and pair them with a mentor.
  3. What the must-have tools are for a successful training program.  

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