SALINA, Kan. – Great Plains has introduced its true vertical tillage implement, the VT1100 Turbo-Max. The new VT1100 Turbo-Max has been redesigned to further its agronomic benefits, while building on the Turbo-Max true vertical tillage legacy.

The VT1100 Turbo-Max features a robust frame to support new finishing attachments and heavier transport tires and axles. Producers can choose from a new chopper reel option for difficult, high-residue conditions, a new double basket attachment, or a single basket attachment. Both the single and double basket attachments are available to order with either flat or round bars to best match field conditions and soil types, including rocky conditions. These new rear attachments offer greater flexibility and improved post-harvest residue management and seedbed preparation.

Available in sizes from 20-40 feet, the new VT1100 Turbo-Max has many of the same features that producers have grown to know and appreciate from the original. Blake Bergkamp, Great Plains Research Agronomist, said, “The new VT1100 builds upon the legacy of true vertical tillage machines with its use of straight, non-concave blades. Now with a choice of 20- or 22-inch straight Turbo blades, the VT1100 Turbo-Max, in combination with our new finishing attachment options, is one of the most versatile vertical tillage tools on the market.”

Like its predecessor, the VT1100 Turbo-Max offers gang angles that adjust up to 6 degrees for multi- season applications but provides a true vertical finish when run at 0 degrees.

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