Great Plains' Turbo-Max features 10 models and is available from 8.5-48 feet to meet a variety of horsepower requirements. All Turbo-Maxes feature adjustable gangs that angle 0-6 degrees to adapt to varying tillage needs. Gang angles adjust hydraulically on larger units and manually on small units with hydraulics optional.

Features for Turbo-Max include a hydraulic tongue for easy front-to-back leveling and a hydraulically-adjustable finishing reel so owners can vary the down pressure on the reel to prepare the optimal seedbed, or raise it completely off of the ground if needed. The Turbo-Max is also designed to be virtually maintenance-free with sealed bearings and greaseless pivot points.

The Turbo-Seeder attachment to Turbo-Max offers a cost-effective, productive method for seeding cover crops with a vertical tillage tool.

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