AGCO Power is a global diesel engine manufacturer for tractor brands such as Fendt, Valtra, Massey Ferguson as well as other heavy machinery. Now AGCO Power has developed and manufactured a completely new family of diesel engines called CORE. Carrying on the AGCO Power heritage of long-lasting future-proof designs, the CORE family is designed with tomorrow’s alternative fuels in mind.

Reducing the carbon emissions is a common goal for all machine manufacturers. The current AGCO Power diesel engines are fully compatible with renewable HVO fuels, which can already bring them close to carbon-neutral operation. But the alternative future fuels such as hydrogen and gas require an engine that is designed from ground-up to be compatible with them. What is groundbreaking about the new CORE engine family is that by further developing the engines they will be compatible with those fuels.

“Alternative fuels of the future such as hydrogen, ethanol, methanol, biogas as well as electric hybrid applications set new demands for an engine,” says AGCO Power CEO Juha Tervala. “The CORE engine platform is designed to enable the use of alternative fuels with further development.”

What is special about all the current AGCO Power engines is that they fulfill even the most rigorous emission standards by a large margin. “Today, the primary challenge of product development is to get rid of the fossil carbon or at least to radically reduce it. During the past couple of decades, we at AGCO Power have managed to reduce the emissions of the most harmful particulates and nitrogen oxide down to a fraction of the level they were a decade ago”, explains AGCO Power’s Director of Engineering, Kari Aaltonen.

After more than a century of service, diesel engines are still the most practical alternative in many applications. While the electric vehicles are taking roads by storm, the battery capacity just is not yet sufficient in off-road machinery applications – except for the most compact machinery (less than 50 kW). The high energy density of diesel fuel and the high efficiency of the engines make sure the technology is still competitive.

CORE75 Engine in the New Fendt 700 Vario Gen7

The first engine in the CORE range is the CORE75 – a 7.5-liter, 223-kW unit with excellent torque, fuel economy and reliability. It is first used in the brand-new Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractor.

“AGCO Power's engine designers have worked extensively with Fendt engineers to develop the new CORE75 engine for the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractor. It has excellent low-speed performance, and fits perfectly with the Fendt Vario transmission. The engine’s innovative design results in additional benefits, such as improved turning radius and higher ground clearance. We look forward to future additions to the CORE engine platform for Fendt machines”, says Walter Wagner, Vice President and Managing Director Research & Development & Purchase.

“AGCO Power CORE75 delivers 1450 Nm of torque, the highest in its power class. The engine is designed to offer maximal torque at 1300 RPM instead of the more typical 1500 RPM. This low-speed concept enables the best fuel economy in the market today in its power class – 188 g / kWh”, says Kari Aaltonen

With its advanced EAT (Emission Aftertreatment) system, AGCO Power CORE75 is designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent emission standards without the need for EGR (Exhaust Gas Circulation) system. “The new engine is also compatible with the renewable HVO fuels, enabling up to 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions”, Aaltonen ends.

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