Fast Facts

Customer Segment: No-tillers looking to reduce number of passes in the field.

Key Selling Point: Variable rate application adjustable by row.

Click here to watch a video breakdown of the Smart Seeder Max-S.

The Smart Seeder Max-S no-till planter is the only seeding and planting platform offering finite VR control of up to 5 independent products as well as 6 in ground placement options per row, totaling 60 independent rows of digital metering systems and seed singulation. Clean Seed Ag unveiled the Smart Seeder Max-S in late 2020 and announced March 31, 2022, a distribution deal with 5-store Claas dealership Canada West Harvest Centre. The company is currently looking for U.S. dealers.

The Smart Seeder Max-S boasts infinite row-by-row variable product resolution from 0 to 250 pounds of product per row, up to 1,000 pounds of product per acre based on 4.5 mph operating speed. The Smart Seeder Max also comes with multi-hybrid, cover cropping and custom row capability, with the user able to define seeding row spacing in 12-, 24- and 36-inch configurations. Intercropping can be setup so each crop type has its own seeding depth, fertilizer and amendments to maximize the return.

Clean Seed Ag Vice President of Sales & Customer Experience Butch Sinclair highlights the benefits growers get out having a one-pass solution in the Smart Seeder Max-S, which can translate to fuel and labor savings. 

“Last year, I had a customer who seeded peas, brassica, radishes and fertilized at the same time,” he says. “He said normally that would have been 3 passes for him, which would have really dried out the ground. So he harvested the peas, let his cattle on the radishes and left the brassica as a cover crop for the winter, all from one pass.”

Sinclair points out any farmer who purchases a Smart Seeder Max-S gets access to Clean Seed Ag’s proprietary SeedSync Max software interface, which allows growers to map their fields and adjust the seeding/application rates on their row units individually.