Source: Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd.  

VANCOUVER, B.C. (ACCESSWIRE) — Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd., or CSC (CSX), today announced that it has finalized its agreement with WS Steel to manufacture its CX-6 SMART Seeder in Steinbach, Man.

Under terms of the agreement, WS Steel is investing significant capital and resources in production design and engineering to prepare its 150,000 square-foot facility to manufacture and assemble the CX-6 SMART Seeders.

"This is a major step forward into the future of farming. We have harnessed the power of technology to allow the farmer to realize the benefits of todays advanced agronomy," said Graeme Lempriere, CEO of Clean Seed Capital. "Working with WS Steel, we will be able to deliver our SMART Seeders to large-scale commercial farmers, allowing them to capitalize on precision high definition seeding in ways never before possible."

The CX-6 SMART Seeder gives farmers the ability to deploy up to six products simultaneously to create pinpoint seeding on every square foot of the field. According to CSC, farmers will see large economic gains from this new technology through higher yields, high resolution site specific management, seed and fertilizer optimization, overlap elimination, improved seed handling and placement, and logistics management; all while limiting waste.

"We wanted a manufacturer that shared our values and vision for the advanced roll out of the CX-6," added Lempriere. "With a combination of Fortune 500 Ag equipment experience, turnkey scalability, cost effectiveness and technological expertise; WS Steel is our ideal partner."

WS Steel is a Tier-1 highly automated manufacturer with a 25-year history working in the agricultural equipment manufacturing sector as a component and final assembly provider for all scales of companies, from small family owned to Fortune 500.

"With our comprehensive and unique manufacturing capabilities, we are a great fit for manufacturing the CX-6 SMART seeders," said Joe Waldner, president of WS Steel. "It's a remarkably innovative product that we feel will alter the future of farming and we're proud to be a partner in this important initiative."

The scope of the project may expand beyond the first 100 units with plans already in place to prepare for the production of more CX-6 SMART Seeder machines and development of alternative models for other markets.

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