Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation will build a new plant to manufacture work equipment to install on tractors to address the rapidly increasing demand in North America.

The facility, slated to begin operations in August 2024, will be located in Hall County, Ga., require an investment of roughly $140 million and encompass roughly 650,000 square feet.

Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation manufactures tractor front loaders, backhoes, buckets, "mid-sized" tractors and construction equipment.

The demand for tractors is rapidly increasing in North America, driven by factors that include a more rapid suburban migration due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also heightening the demand for implements. Even though KIE currently does manufacture implements, the demand in North America is exceeding its production capabilities. Anticipating this demand will remain stable in the future, KIE will build a new plant.

The new and existing plants will respond to the tremendous North American demand by increasing the annual implement production capacity from 100,000 units to 210,000 units.

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