WASHINGTON — Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp. announced its status as a Kubota Elite Dealership Management System for 2022. DIS is a leading dealership management system (DMS) for agricultural, construction, truck refrigeration, and lift truck dealers in North America. The Elite status is Kubota's most prestigious designation for dealership management systems and is a testament to DIS's ongoing efforts to streamline how dealerships interface with Kubota.  

"Over the past few years, DIS has collaborated closely with numerous Kubota dealerships in relevant planning, design, and workshop efforts," says Phillip Conophy, Development Manager at DIS. In 2021, DIS successfully launched its integration with Kubota Telematics. The unique DIS feature gave dealerships the power to remotely track their units in a Kubota rental fleet, monitor equipment usage time to save costs, and automatically create work orders. "Being part of the design committee with Kubota has enabled DIS to identify emerging initiatives, implement new competencies in response, and ultimately, to better support dealers at all levels - from Kubota to DIS staff to the users themselves," explains Conophy.  

Over the last year, DIS significantly expanded its integration with Kubota to offer the Kubota Interface Bundle. The bundle includes the telematics feature as well as six additional interfaces that help streamline the business operations of Kubota dealerships. With the Kubota Interface Bundle, dealerships can also manage parts sales on the new Kubota eCommerce Platform, transmit and view parts from other dealer locations, and more. The bundle is offered for a one-time fee equivalent to the price of just one interface.  

"The years of effort that have gone into achieving the Elite provider status represent a milestone in our ongoing partnership with Kubota and our valued Kubota dealerships," says Conophy. DIS is committed to enhancing the user experience of its DMS at Kubota dealerships with plans to nurture the partnership for years to come.  

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