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A Joint Venture to Enable the Future: AgriVision Equipment & Prairieland Partners

This 3-minute video featuring dealer executives Darrell Pankratz (Prairieland Partners) and Jeremy Ostrander (Agrivision Equipment Group) provides a personal look at the joint venture of these two John Deere dealer groups, both of which are Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year recipients.

History of No-Till Farming: 60th Anniversary of 1st On-Farm Plots

Harry Young Jr. planted the first commercial no-till crop 60 years ago this spring in Herndon, Ky. To help celebrate what would have been Harry’s 103 birthday this month, we share a video featuring his son, John, on no-till’s historic achievements that grew a revolutionary farm practice from 0 acres to an estimated 110 million acres in 6 decades.

RDO Equipment Recruiter Examines Service Technician Challenge

This brand new podcast (21 minutes) from John Deere dealer RDO Equipment features an interview with Recruitment Manager Andy Luikens, who brought his a dealership background to RDO. Luikens explains his task of recruiting service technicians for this fast-growing dealer group. NOTE: Service Management is the topic of next summer’s DEALERSHIP MINDS SUMMIT in Iowa City.

RDO Equipment Podcast

Take a Virtual Tour of Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies’ New Facilities

Colin Rush, chief operating officer of Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies, showcases the first SMART Seeder MAX in this video from the company’s new assembly facilities in Saskatoon, Sask.

Koenig Equipment Shares the ‘Stories that Define Us’

Ken Koenig, a third-generation member of the Koenig family, shares a story about his father that shows the John Deere dealership’s commitment to Customer Service as part of the dealership’s on-going video series, “Stories that Define Us.”

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

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