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Announcements posted on Deere's One Deere production and maintenance employee website added some detail to the company's Nov. 8 post about a "Contract Highlighter." Deere's post stated the following to employees:

"You are part of John Deere. Every single day, we run to be the very best. We combine the best innovations, technologies, and great people like you to build on our legacy of world-class manufacturing. In return, you’ve earned the best wages and most comprehensive benefits in our industries.

You are part of John Deere’s future. That’s why we offered to make the best even better for you. With the second tentative agreement reached between John Deere and the UAW’s bargaining team, you could share in our current and future success through wages and benefits that are more than simply the best in our industries.

We want you to know precisely what's in the agreement, and the links here do just that. Check back often as new resources will continue to be added to the site."

The following graphics explained the benefits of the contract in more detail, including impacts on wage, healthcare and cost of living adjustments.

john deere second agreement slide 1
john deere second agreement slide 2
john deere second agreement slide 3
john deere second agreement slide 4
john deere second agreement slide 5