FERRI ZMTE-PRO Offset/Inline Flail Slope Mowers are available in three different sizes which can accommodate tractors in the 60-80 hp range. The ZMTE-PRO 1600 offers a cutting width of 5, feet 5 inches; the 1800 offers a cutting width of 6 feet, 0.5 inches and the 2000 offers a cutting width of 10.5 feet. Each machine offers a maximum side sliding range. The flail heads can be equipped with Y blades or hammer blades and are designed to cut grass and wooded vegetation up to 1.75 inches in diameter.

The ZMTE-PRO offers a 3-pt. linkage mount, mechanical break away and adjustable roller. Each machine is designed to work at a 45 degree angle down and a 90 degree angle up.

The ZMTE-PRO models are constructed of double skin DOMEX 700 steel for added strength.

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