Massey Ferguson's 8S Tractor is available in 205-265 horsepower. The exclusive MF Protect-U engine and cab installation design provides visibility, comfort, efficiency and ultimate protection for 8S operators. The distinctive 9.4 inch space between the engine and cab reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest cabs on the market.

Because the engine is separated away from the cab, it increases airflow which contributes to better engine performance through improved cooling capabilities. It also contributes to heat insulation for the cab, keeping the operator comfortable while improving engine cooling capacity and efficiency, maximizing uptime.

The MF vDisplay puts all the key information operators need in an easy-to-read digital dashboard that can be personalized. The Datatronic 5 terminal, standard on the 8S, allows operators to quickly and easily change setups on the hydraulics, transmission and engine to make operation simpler and faster.

The 8S is available in two transmission options. The Dyna E-Power Dual-Clutch transmission provides smooth shifting and speed changes with no torque interruption and superior power transfer to the ground. The Dyna-VT CVT transmission, allows operators to select the exact speed and engine rpm needed for the job at hand.

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