Art’s Way 2100 Series forage box features and benefits include choice of 16-, 18- or 20- foot box lengths which feature corrugated-steel sides ready to take on the acidic environment of forage harvest. Independently controlled hydraulic drive system provides incredible convenience. With just one in-cab button, operators can switch from front unload to rear unload in an instant. The ability to stay in the cab at all times will help reduce fatigue, improve safety, avoid unfavorable weather and more.

The steady hydraulic drive system brings increased speed and productivity with a time-tested 4-minute front unload or 1-minute rear unload. Art’s Way has drastically reduced the number of unique parts on this machine from previous models. The entire machine is made up of 90% streamlined components, which translates to a simple, low-maintenance forage box that just about anyone can service. Common components across all model sizes and a simple design equate to reduced maintenance costs and fewer breakdowns for an overall more economical package.

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