When talking about technology, the conversations tend to focus on precision farming systems installed on the machines equipment dealers sell and service. But as rapidly as modern ag tech has been adopted on your farm customers’ operations, how advanced is the technology you rely on every day to help manage, protect and improve your business?

Taking stock of the systems in place, from customer relations management (CRM) and supplemental parts and service software, to scalable data and security against cyber threats, is critical to the safe and successful evolution of your operation. 

While some dealerships are on the cutting edge when it comes to adoption of advanced technology, others are in transition — bridging the gap between necessary upgrades and proactive planning for the future.

Regardless of the motivation to improve internal technology, farm equipment dealers, manufacturers and industry experts acknowledge that education, communication and training — of both customers and employees — are vital elements to successful integration of any technology platform. As automation takes over even the most mundane tasks, people are still responsible for the decision-making that keeps your business productive and profitable. 

Whether it’s the reality of a cyberattack resulting in a $35,000 equipment charge to a customer, catering to “customer 2.0” through virtual engagement opportunities or sophisticated fleet management tools to track service vehicle efficiencies, dealers are advised to do a comprehensive evaluation of technology strengths and weaknesses.

This extends beyond simply the systems and servers that house valuable information to keeping the human side of technology adoption in the loop rather than risk getting minimal return on what can be a significant investment. 

Speaking on the complexity of today’s technology, especially cyber threats, Arlin Sorensen, founder of HTS Ag, an independent dealership in Harlan, Iowa, says, “The reality is that while there are technologies and training to help us protect any size or shape of dealership, people are often the real problem. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a couple employees or thousands of them, that’s where the real challenges are going to come as far
as technology goes.”

This special report details some of latest innovations dealerships are adding or updating within their businesses, along with the challenges, benefits and considerations for scaling a solution to fit your operational objectives.

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