John Deere See & Spray Select Technology can help farmers reduce their non-residual, pre-emerge herbicide use by targeting and spraying only weeds on fallow ground. As the sprayer moves through the field, its cameras rapidly detect only green plants within fallow ground and triggers an application to those plants. With See & Spray Select, farmers can use more expensive and complex tank mixes and use these mixes more efficiently than what they can broadcast today, reducing their costs, while improving their ability to manage herbicide-resistant weeds.

See & Spray Select is built upon the John Deere ExactApply foundation to provide a single machine that provides an effective spot-spray solution and highly productive broadcast machine.

See & Spray Select can be equipped on new MY22 and newer John Deere 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, which include the 408R, 410R, 412R, 612R and 616R.

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