Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers of any size

Geography: Applicable to all geographies

Key Selling Point: Accuracy, reliability, the addition of new satellite constellations

Designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine type, make and model, the Topcon AGS-2 receiver and steering controller combines field-proven steering with leading network reception and tracking functionality. Fully capable in any application, the AGS-2 comes standard with WAAS and EGNOS correction services and is easily upgradable to utilizing NTRIP and the optional RTK radio in the Topcon CL-55 cloud connectivity device. 

Now designed with optional access to a new Topnet Live Service, the AGS-2 provides better satellite tracking and RTK float transitions for consistent accuracy during impacted conditions.

Ryan Pieper, sales channel manager for North America for Topcon ag products, explains that the 226 channel AGS-2 receiver will replace Topcon’s AGI-4 receiver and bring customers new chipsets and the ability to track new satellite constellations.

“Not only are we tracking our U.S. satellites and the Russian GLONASS system like we did in the AGI-4, but we’re adding the Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS constellations as well,” he says. 

Pieper explains that Topcon will sell the AGS-2 as a base model that can track autonomous and SBAS signals, with the option for Topcon dealers to “unlock” additional features, like scalable tracking abilities.

He adds that the AGS-2 is capable of pairing with some of Topcon’s newer solutions for fertilizer and manure application, allowing the unit to provide “positioning or data logging capability, which are leveraged through our Norac and DigiStar product lineups.”

Pieper recommends dealers highlight the accuracy and reliability of the AGS-2 when discussing it with farmers, as well as the unit’s “all-in-one” design that contains the GPS receiver and antenna in one physical container for a simpler installation.