A recent report from KCRG stated Deere held a job fair on March 6 to fill over 300 open positions at the Waterloo Works facility. Citing increased demand for ag equipment, it was reported Deere had added 200 positions to Waterloo Works in past 3 months, with another 300 positions remaining open.

”The only way we stand a chance of being able to execute the schedule and meet our customers’ demands is to get these positions filled. Otherwise, we would have to work significant overtime with all of our employees, and even then, there’s only so much people can do,” says Factory Manager Becky Guinn.

"Commodity prices have improved, exports are increasing and our used equipment inventories on the field are really low, so there’s not much used equipment available,” says Manager of Labor Relations Randy Venzke, “This is really getting back to normal volumes for us. We’ve been at lower-than-normal volumes for the last couple years.”