DEVILS LAKE, N.D. — Due to positive customer response, Summers Manufacturing has decided to indefinitely continue its 10-year limited warranty program on all new land roller equipment purchases. The warranty applies to both hydraulic fold and trail type Summers SuperRollers. It also has the ability to be transferred to a second owner, contributing to the strong resale value of the equipment.

“Many farmers have shared horror stories of using inferior land rollers that have broken down due to failure in engineering design, materials or quality assurance testing,” said Bruce Johnson, Director of Strategic Innovation and Business Development at Summers Manufacturing. “We feel our land rollers are the most durable and offer the best return on investment. And the best way to show farmers our confidence in the value of our land rollers is to support them with an unprecedented 10-year limited warranty. We understand the impact of downtime during a critical time for famers; we do our best to ensure that Summers equipment is ready when it's ‘go time.’”

Summers builds land rollers in sizes ranging from 15-91 feet wide. The 10-year limited warranty applies to all components manufactured by Summers Manufacturing. Items such as tires, hydraulic cylinders and bearings are covered by their respective manufacturers’ warranties.

Product registration with Summers is required and allows for the warranty to be transferred to a second owner for a transfer fee, which is one of the many reasons that Summers consistently maintains the spot as one of the top resale values of used equipment in the industry.