The Biomass Builder Row Unit from HFL Fabricating provides an economical way to add cover crops to side dress application, for a timely, consistent emergence of cover crops. This unit is designed to be a multipurpose tool. It can be used to put down nitrogen while at the same time planting a cover crop in between the corn rows. This is usually done at the V4 to V7 stage of the corn to allow the cover crop to establish and then get shaded over by the corn. Once the leaves turn brown on the corn, it allows the sun to shine in again at which time the cover crops begin to grow again.

The Biomass Builder row unit uses its center coulter along with a knife to inject nitrogen and then a single disc opener on each side of that center coulter to plant with. Following the single disc openers are press wheels to both gauge the depth of the seed and close the trench to seal in the moisture.

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