Pöttinger's NOVADISC 732, 812, 902 Mower Combinations are available with working widths of 7.24, 8.09 and 8.92 meters and can be used with smaller tractors from as little as 85 horsepower. Two suspension springs on each cutter bar ensure uniform weight alleviation of the entire mower. The pressure acting on the ground can be adjusted in three stages without the need for tools. The unique kinematics ensure that the cutter bar applies equal pressure to the ground over its entire width. This provides the machine with maximum protection and makes it easy to run.

The Mower is lowered so that the outer end of the cutter bar contacts the ground first. Likewise, at the headland, the inner end is lifted first. The cutter bar is protected against twisting because it is suspended at both ends. This relieves the stress on the gears and bearings. As a result, they run very smoothly and have a long service life.

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