The latest Crop Progress report from USDA showed 92% of corn silking in the week ended Aug. 2, surpassing the 72% of corn reported silking in the same week last year, and the 5 year average of 87%. North Carolina became the first state this week to report 100% of its corn silking. The report showed 39% of crops in the dough stage, almost double the 20% reported this time last year and above the 5 year average of 33%. North Carolina and Texas tied for the state with the most corn in the dough stage at 77% each. Corn crop condition remained unchanged from last week with 55% of corn crops reported in "good" condition and 17% reported in "excellent" condition.

The report showed 85% of soybeans blooming, above the 68% reported blooming last year and just surpassing the 5 year average of 82%. Lousiana had the most soybean crops blooming at 99%. Over half (59%) of soybean crops were setting pods in the week, more than both the 5 year average (54%) and the 32% reported this time last year. Louisiana took the lead with 92% of its soybeans setting pods. The percentage of soybean crops reported in "good" condition rose from 57% last week to 58% this week, while the percentage of soybean crops in "excellent" condition remained the same at 15%.

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