Oregon's SpeedCut Nano Cutting System is a 0.325 inch low profile cutting system designed to increase cutting speed and extend runtimes on battery-powered and compact light-weight gas chainsaws (20-38 cc). The Cutting System features a new saw chain, guide bar and sprocket to optimize the performance of chainsaws in the 1-3 hp range. The increased efficiency of the SpeedCut Nano System provides battery saw users with up to 20% more cuts on a single charge.

Other features include a design that reduces the tendency to stall in the cut, multi-axis grind technology for exceptionally clean cuts, low-kickback chain with all-weather durability, corresponding guide bar with high-strength body and performance-driven nose components, small-radius sprocket nose built to exact tolerances to efficiently buck/bore/trim and the LubriTec lubrication system to keep saw chain and the guide bar oiled, reducing friction and wear for longer life and better performance.

Visit www.OregonProducts.com/speedcutnano for more information.