Cummins' F3.8 and F4.5 Structural Engines are available with 3.8 liter (F3.8) and 4.5 liter (F4.5) displacements, complementing the 6-cylinder B6.7 Engine. They provide compact and capable four-cylinder options for tractors in the 67-149 kW (90-200 hp) power band. The F3.8 is also offered in a 4.5 liter configuration to extend its power capability above 129 kW (173 hp) to 149 kW (200 hp). With up to 780 Nm peak torque, the F4.5 is ideal for higher powered farming equipment.

Externally, the F3.8 and F4.5 engines are identical, offering tractor manufacturers flexibility with consistent packaging across multiple products and power ranges. As with the B6.7 structural, the 4-cylinder block and oil pan include design features to minimize weight yet provide maximum strength for engine and driveline durability.

The F3.8 and F4.5 structural engines meet EU Stage V emissions legislation with Cummins’ Flex Module aftertreatment. The Flex Module is adaptable to suit the available space across a range of tractor designs, without impacting lines of visibility from the cab.

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