The John Deere 3D Series Compact Utility Tractor is equipped with a gear-drive transmission and available in three horsepower offerings.

The location of the fender-mounted gear shift lever provides superior comfort and enhanced control by avoiding the awkward movement of shifting gears between the knees. The rugged drivetrain and heavy-duty components such as a large spiral bevel gear provide maximum durability and increase torque and power to the ground. A long wheelbase and wide stance increases machine stability and provides a smooth ride, even over the toughest of terrains. The 3D was designed to offer smooth and effortless steering, boasting a tight turning radius and hydrostatic steering system which allows for consistent maneuverability with minimal effort required by the operator.

Featuring an easy-to-reach rear-mounted fuel tank, the 3D Series holds up to 10 gallons, giving users the ability to operate a full eight-hour day without refueling. By locating the fuel tank at the machine’s rear, the operator can easily fill the machine and avoid spilling diesel over the hood of their tractor. In addition, rear fuel tank placement increases overall engine performance.

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