OMAHA, Neb — Claas of America today announces the launch of the all-new Lexion 8000-7000 series combine, designed for farm business operators who want more from their combine, with no compromises. The new Lexion combine is more powerful and features the highest capacity in the industry, designed with a host of features to outperform in and between fields, streamlining harvest and saving the operator time and money.

"For the past 20-plus years, Lexion combines have built a reputation for delivering increased harvest efficiency and productivity, saving fuel and grain, driving down the cost of harvest," says Blake McOllough, Product Manager – Combines, Claas of America. "The redesign brings together significant engineering advancements from Claas that deliver on the superior productivity that today's ag business demands, offering the best return on investment and allowing the operator to get more done in less time."

Enhanced Efficiency for Greater Productivity

The new Lexion combine has exceptional capacity to harvest all types of crops in all types of conditions, covering more acres per hour and achieving even better grain quality while protecting against overloading.

The APS Synflow System, an upgrade of the well-known APS Hybrid System, is the industry's highest-capacity combine processor, meaning the new Lexion combine delivers 10 percent more capacity than the previous series. Grain handling is also improved, with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bushels per second and the industry's largest grain tank that features a whopping 510-bushel capacity.

"Operators can cover significantly more ground with a 25-mph transport speed, which all models — wheeled and Terra Trac — are now capable of,” McOllough says. "The operator also saves time with crop changeover capabilities that can be done from the cab, with just the touch of a button from the cab."

Maintenance time is also more streamlined with a central lubrication system and Dynamic Cooling, cutting maintenance time by more than half. The Dynamic Cooling feature also serves as a barrier from dust and debris while enhancing cooling for larger engines with larger horsepower demands.

Precise Machine Adjustments for Optimal Results

The new generation of Lexion combine allows for more precise adjustments. Its unique ability to independently adjust threshing and separation enables the operator to precisely adjust the machine to meet changing crop conditions and increase grain retention. Operators can engage the intensive threshing segment and adjust rotor cover plates with new push-button controls, increasing their control.

Additionally, Claas continues to be a leading innovator in autonomous machine adjustment. With its release in 2013, Cemos Automatic technology has revolutionized the combine industry, improving operator performance by making automated machine adjustments. By using existing machine components and sensors, Cemos Automaticis able to gain the operator 10 percent more capacity, 32 percent less foreign matter in the grain sample, and an increase of 58 percent in grain retention by continuously and autonomously adjusting and optimizing machine performance.

The new Lexion is the most precise combine built by Claas to date. With new adjustment options and Cemos Automaticto precisely automate combine adjustments, operators are able to improve grain retention, maximize throughput, and get more return on investment.

"At Claas, we know that time is money, and achieving the highest possible productivity is paramount," McOllough says. "The newest Lexion combine was designed with those requirements in mind, delivering highly advanced engineering that streamlines the harvest and makes more money for our customers' farm businesses."

Claas of America will feature the new Lexion 8000-7000 series combine along with its long line of other harvesting equipment and tractors at the 2019 Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27–29, 2019, in Decatur, Ill. For more information, visit the website at