COLUMBUS, Ohio — The United Equipment Dealers Assn. (UEDA) unanimously voted to approve i3 Digital Agency as the digital agency of choice for its over 500 farm, industrial, construction and outdoor power equipment dealers. The association serves Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio dealers. i3 Digital Agency, a Fastline Media Group company, will provide web, digital marketing, intelligence and analytics solutions to the equipment dealers.

“How dealerships and companies go to market today is very different than in the past and how we communicate with customers to excite, engage and solve their equipment needs has also changed. We have evaluated several companies to identify who could serve our dealer-partners by giving them all of the digital solutions, analytics & intelligence they need to compete, while also giving the dealers the control to adjust and manage their business in a competitive and evolving marketplace,” says Kim Rominger, executive vice president of UEDA.

“Equipment dealers are in a highly competitive and constantly changing industry that requires the best technology, market research, consumer and buyer-behavior intelligence to stay ahead of the market. We are excited about the opportunity to help dealers face these challenges with our solutions that give them complete control and the autonomy to manage and grow their business in a digital age. Our digital, analytics, business intelligence and web solutions are built on global standards and solutions that are not proprietary or lock them into something they can’t change later. We want them to have all of the control; obviously we are there to help but this is about giving them the power and tools to grow with, or without us,” says Tony Fink, vice president, i3 Digital Agency.


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