With Pöttinger's Lion Power Harrows, it is easy to quickly set the ideal working depth to obtain the correct seedbed structure. The working depth is adjusted in 1 centimeter steps using a pin-in-hole system. An additional advantage with Lion Power Harrows is the leveling board, which adjusts automatically according to the setting of the rear roller, independently of the working depth. The leveling board is guided at a consistent pre-defined distance above the soil without changing its distance from the tines. This patented solution delivers the identical tilth structure for the seedbed, even in changeable soil conditions.

The Pöttinger range of Lion Power Harrows has three series for the market. The Lion Classic, with a power rating of 140 horsepower, is ideal for 4-cylinder tractors. This machine is available in working widths of 2.5 and 3.0 meters. The Lion 103 can achieve an optimum seedbed structure with 180 horsepower over a working width of 3 meters. The Lion 1002 series can be operated at up to 250 horsepower. For a working width of 3.0 meters, farmers can choose between 10 or 12 rotors.

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