The new Terradisc compact disc harrows from Pottinger were developed for stubble cultivation over large areas and for general seedbed preparation. The compact machines are designed for shallow preparation with intensive mixing, and are offered with working widths of 16 feet, 5 inches and 19 feet, 8 inches.

The new TERRADISC short disc harrow features a sturdy base frame with 2 cross beams for the discs and mounting brackets for trailed rollers. Angle adjustment of the discs allow high rates of travel, meaning plenty of power.

The welded, twist-resistant carrying frame features sturdy construction, and the two disc cross bars are connected over two swiveling connectors. The swivels are screwed into the carrying frame. For the disc frame, too, only high-quality material is used.

The easy-turning, short machines are built on a triangle. The socket for the upper and lower links is detachable at 3 points. This allows the machine to be adjusted for various tyre dimensions. To achieve good traction, the position of the lower trailer link should slope gently up towards the machine. The attachment hitch also has a tilt adjustment (2). This makes it easy to adjust to any trailer geometry, improving ground clearance when turning and transporting.

The short construction is a significant feature, the company says. The first row of discs is very close to the hitch. The distance between tool rows is 31.4 feet.

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