Pro Mags' Tungsten Carbide Scrapers for Planters and John Deere Drills feature scraper blades that are manufactured using technology to make a uni-body blade for the ultimate cleaning and extended wear. The uni-body blade provides a smooth, contiguous surface without the need for bulky aluminum housings to hold a carbide strip. This technology provides a clean "shaving" action of the opener disc rather than a squared edge "pushing" action.

Pro Mags Tungsten Carbide Scraper Blades are available for Pro Mags planter kits for most brands and models as well as for John Deere air seeder scraper kits. They also fit with existing Pro Mags scraper kits, allowing current owners the option of utilizing the blade with no further conversion required.

Pro Mags Scrapers are designed to replace the original frame-mounted scrapers on most major brands of planters. The design forces mud and debris away from the opening disc and the internal side of the planter's gauge wheels. This prevents soil and residue from building up between the opener disc and gauge wheel as with traditional scrapers.

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