The 6500 Series Wheel Handler from LiftWise is designed for any operation that needs a safe method for transporting and changing large tires. Using an integrated pallet truck for familiar operations and excellent maneuverability, the standard unit can handle steel compaction wheels with diameters of 55-79 inches. It can be raised or lowered 20 inches and has a maximum capacity of 6,500 pounds.

One-person operation is made possible through the unique tethered control. It allows the operator to stand in the best vantage point for dialing in the proper position of the wheel for mounting. Wheels or tires can be lifted, rotated 38 degrees in both directions and side shifted 3 inches left or right all from the convenience of the hand-held control. The control adjusts the upper and lower jaws to accommodate different wheel sizes. It includes an integrated safety switch and is magnetic for easy attachment anywhere on the Wheel Handler.

The Wheel Handler includes an onboard battery charger and is hydraulically actuated using seven cylinders for the multiple wheel-positioning functionality. Custom decals are available to adhere to the jaw arms, offering an easy guide to adjust to commonly handled sizes.

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