The EWRS series of non-pneumatic tires were designed to meet the needs of today’s jobsite demands. With serviceable tire sections, the need for a service EWRS Series Tirestruck and specialized technician has been all but eliminated. “We have reduced your service tooling down to only a ¾ inch wrench in the back pocket of the operator and repair parts are readily available at the nearest onsite storage container or the toolbox of your pickup,” the company says.

According to Evolution Wheel, the EWRS Series features the largest tread lugs in the industry and provide improved traction and a long wear life. The large void in the tread pattern allows for unmatched material cleanout and a long wear life on a bigger lug, the company says.

A smooth ride was engineered into the design. The EWRS features a proprietary rubber compound that allows for enough compression to reduce operator fatigue and stand up to heavy loads. The rubber compound is also designed to eliminate stress cracks.

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