Evolution Wheel’s EWRS-PIVOT XT is designed as a specialized version of the EWRS-PIVOT Series, optimized for the areas in the field that cause the most problems. The highly aggressive tread design with extra large lugs and void space allows for much better traction. The large lugs paddle through sticky soil while the void space helps the soil from sticking to the rubber. The addition of small ribs within the void space helps release mud from the surface of the tire as it compresses and expands.

The EWRS-PIVOT XT airless pivot tire also features a wide tread for increased surface area. This means that the full surface of the tread contacts the ground to maximize flotation.

All Evolution Wheels products including the EWRS-PIVOT XT are segmented for serviceability. The rubber is segmented and attached to the high-strength steel rim with a series of nuts and bolts.

Once mounted on the tower, the rims never need to be changed. If a rubber segment is damaged, it's as simple as replacing it with a new one.

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