The HTH-1400 Hanging Tire Handler from LiftWise is a high-capacity machine for handling, controlling and maneuvering tires for reliable installation, removal or maintenance. 

With a capacity to lift tires weighing up to 1,400 pounds, the HTH-1400 is fully adjustable to handle tires between 30 and 53 inches and diameter, and up to 19 inches in width.

The unique design of the HTH-1400 allows a tire to be easily and precisely positioned by a single operator, maximizing productivity and efficiency for any application. The unit securely clamps to the tire and can rotate it 90 degrees from a horizontal position to a vertical position, and back again, allowing tire assemblies to be delivered to the machine flat on a pallet. Also, a 25-degree bi-directional tire rotation ability makes for easier alignment of studs with the tire bolt pattern. Adjustable pins further ensure correct tire orientation.

To help ensure safe operation and stability, the HTH-1400 includes a tilt feature that naturally adjusts to any shifts in the load’s center of gravity. Also, lights illuminate on the machine when sufficient clamping pressure has been applied to the tire.