Lely North America has been a leader in the dairy industry for more than 25 years and has a strong commitment to continue making farmers' lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. With the many exciting opportunities for further growth and adoption of automation within the dairy and livestock segments, Lely has announced that it will be significantly expanding its investment, commitment and physical presence in North America. 

“We are excited about our future in the dairy industry and believe this expansion is the next step that allows us to continue providing the total solutions North American dairy producers need to create a sustainable future,” said Chad Huyser, vice president of Lely North America. 

“With this expansion, Lely North America remains the only dairy automation company manufacturing robotic equipment in North America. Nearly eight years ago, we made our first commitment to the North American dairy producers and today we further that commitment to better meet the needs of our customers, Lely Centers and employees throughout the U.S. and Canada,” said Huyser. 

After carefully considering potential growth needs for the next 10-plus years and reviewing several expansion options, Lely North America will be securing a new, larger property to construct a new North American headquarters and production facility located in the Pella, Iowa area. With this expansion, Lely North America will significantly increase its production capacity for the latest A5 Astronaut robotic milking system. Likewise, several other dairy automation products currently in Lely's portfolio will be transitioned into this new facility over time. 

Plans for expansion have already begun and Lely is investigating possible property solutions, project support needs and finalizing building requirements.