John Deere 4240 Universal Display, AutoTrac Universal 300 Guidance Solution and 18-2 Gen 4 Software are designed to help add a higher level of accuracy, provide access to more data and handle more applications.

Features of the 4240 include video input and Ethernet ports, ISOBUS compatibility, a multi-color display screen and scalable functionality. The 4240 features an easy-to-read, high-contrast 8.4 inch touchscreen enclosed in a weather-resistant, IP65-rated shell for open-station equipment.

AutoTrac Universal 300 includes easy, automatic setup; a smaller, more comfortable steering wheel and a quieter steering motor in a weather-resistant housing. It is a complement to the 4240 Display for open station tractors and other equipment and is designed to get customers into the field quickly, reliably and confidently.

The Software Update 18-2 provides improvements in performance, machine uptime and cost and convenience of operation by adding customer-requested functionality. With the 18-2 software update bundle, customers using any Gen 4 Display with a v2 processor have access to basic documentation at no charge. They can view multiple map layers at the same time, and utilize third-party rate controllers and receivers for additional documentation, mapping and data analysis through the John Deere Operations Center.

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