The Seppi M. B20 4-in-1 Mulcher collects, mulches, shreds and dispenses biomass on any trailer. The B20 mulches brush and wood up to 20 centimeters, thanks to a powerful, aggressive rotor. The double pick-up device collects biomass from the surface, and the pick-up rotors easily transfer raw material to the rotor shaft for the first stage of mulching. A powerful, specially designed disc chipper with HSS steel blades reduces the material to a fine grade that is immediately vacuumed and expelled through an expulsion chute positioned on one side of the tractor.

The B20 is ideal for use with reverse-drive tractors. The rear thrust connection allows the B20 to easily chop residual wood, logs and large-diameter plants. The B20 can completely clean a 2.5 acre area in a few hours, depending on the thickness and volume of the material. The finely ground residues can be reused as biomass as a fuel or composting. The Seppi M. B20 shredder is particularly suitable for the renewal of old orchards, the care of olive groves or the maintenance of forest or any conditions in which the area must be cleared of plant residues.

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