The PTO Link is changing the way tractor owners connect their implements’ drivelines to their PTO output shaft — all in fewer than 30 seconds.  PTO Link is designed to make working with a tractor power take off an easy experience. It fits directly on any universal 6 pin PTO connection. As an important safety precaution, always turn the engine off before working with the PTO and be sure to shield any rotating parts. Do not wear any loose clothing that could become entangled and pulled into the machine. PTO safety is extremely important and every precaution should be taken.The PTO Link is designed to be extremely easy of use and precisely engineered using aerospace technology to handle the toughest jobs.

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to Install and connect attachments
  • 1045 carbon steel
  • CNC cut to precision
  • QPQ coating (Harden Surface up to 3X Carbon Steel)
  • QPQ has superior wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, extreme corrosion resistance
  • Works with standard 6 tooth spline
  • Designed spline shafts per SAE J1995
  • Intended to be used as a permanent tractor attachment

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