Cojali introduces the new Jaltest V9 Link, a diagnostic tool for ag equipment. It is a lighter, slicker and more elegant design, focused on avoiding damage on the device and with the shop environment in mind, resistant and easy to clean. Cojali says it has designed the Link “to be ready for the next decade of technical evolutions, new legislations and no problems.”

The V9 Link has a new stylish design with more vivid colors, and has faster installation. The installation time has been reduced by 50% and takes just 10 minutes. It also allows users to personalize their own shortcuts, define their display needs, minimize main buttons to increase work area and search by either system or action.

The new actions menu adjusts the number of options available, fitting them all on one screen. The new layout allows users to look at all the functions without clicking on them specifically, and expand the actions buttons all in one screen.

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