With the exception of deteriorating conditions in Missouri, most major corn and soybean producing states continue to demonstrate “good” to “excellent” overall cropping conditions.

For the 18 states that planted 92% of corn acres last year, 70% of the crop remains in “good” (50%) and “excellent” condition (20%). This is down 1% from the previous week, but 8% better than a year ago.

On the other hand, USDA is reporting that, as of Aug. 12, 45% of Missouri corn is in “poor” (24%) and “very poor” (21%) condition, while only 26% is said to be in “good” (22%) and “excellent” (4%) condition.

Overall, 73% of corn acres are in the dough stage. This compares to 57% a week earlier and 58% a year ago. The 5 year average for this date is 56% of corn doughing. Some 26% of corn acres are dented as of this past Sunday vs. 12% a week earlier and 15% a year earlier. The 5 year average is 13% of corn dented for this date.

An estimated 93% of the soybean crop is reported to be blooming, just slightly ahead of the 5 year average of 92%. But the gap widens when it comes to soybeans setting pods. Currently, 84% of soybean acres are setting pods, up from 75% a week ago, 77% last year on this date, and the 5 year average of 72%.

The Missouri soybean crop is also struggling, though not as bad as corn. USDA reports that 37% of Missouri soybeans are in “poor” (22%) and “very poor” (15%) condition. Some 32% of soybeans are in “good” (27%) and “excellent” (5%) condition as of this past Sunday.