Very little has changed in the past week in terms of the overall condition of the corn and soybean crops with about 9% of the corn crop and 6% of soybeans harvested as of September 16.

As of Sunday, USDA reports that 68% of corn acres were rated as “good” (47%) and “excellent” (21%), which is the same as the previous week. Compared to a year ago, 61% of the corn crop was rated as “good” (48%) and “excellent” (13%).

The ag agency says that 93% of corn is dented, up from 86% the previous week, 84% a year ago on this date, and the 5 year average of 86%. The corn crop continues to mature rapidly with 54% rated as mature at this point. This compares with 35% a week earlier, 32% last year on this date and the 5 year average of 36%.

Overall, 9% of corn acres have been harvested, up from 5% last week, 7% last year and 6% as the 5 year average. As has been reported, North Carolina farmers have been pressing to get as much crop out of their fields as possible prior to the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. As of Sunday, about 66% of the state’s corn crop was in the bin. This tied with Texas for crop harvested so far and is far ahead of any other states at this time. Tennessee is in second place with about 40% of their corn crop harvested.

The condition of this year’s soybean crop dropped 1% compared to the previous week. USDA reports that 67% of soybeans are in “good” (49%) and “excellent” (18%) condition vs. a week earlier when 68% was rated as “good” (50%) and “excellent” (18%).

Generally, 53% of soybeans are dropping leaves. This is up from 31% the week prior, 38% a year ago and the 5 year average of 36%. So far only 6% of soybean acres have been harvested vs. 4% a year earlier and the 5 year average of 3%.