SnowEx's UTV V-Plow measures 6 feet wide and its plow blade angles to 5 feet wide to fit most sidewalks and through gates. The ability to configure the plow to straight blade position, V position or bucket blade scoop position allows for ideal customization when facing various snow management situations. The UTV plow blade is constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel components that are stronger and lighter than regular steel. It is reinforced with six vertical ribs for additional stability. The 5 inch hardened steel cutting edge has built-in trip-edge protection that will trip in any position without losing the snow load.

A powercoat finish offers maintenance-free protection. Operators can choose between the Power Grip hand-held control with backlit buttons and a compact joystick control that is easily manipulated when wearing gloves. The plow can be angled with the touch of a button. Both controls feature power "on” and float LED lights. A responsive direct lift system delivers fast reaction times to quickly reposition the plow. Double acting cylinders improve back dragging performance and automatically lock the blade in position to promote clean scraping.

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