Eastern Farm Machinery's Niab Tree Processor is used for handling, limbing, bucking and sorting timber into different piles. FARMA-N is simple to handle, reliable and easy to service. It is a sturdy machine that can manage anything from initial clearing to final felling of trees with stem diameters of up to 20 inches. The FARMA-N 5-15 can easily be hitched to any agricultural tractor.

The processor has its own hydraulic system that is driven by a robust pump, and the gearbox is designed for direct connection to the tractor power take-off, eliminating the transmission shaft. The FARMA-N 5-15 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic winch. Hauling can be controlled either remotely by radio control or locally from the control panel.

Other features include a built-in boom extension cylinder with damping at both limits of travel, built-in saw with integrated lubricating pump and fixed saw motor, 15 gallon hydraulic oil tank and an adjustable control panel for optimum working position. A digital measuring device ensures consistent cut length.

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